I've been coming to Lisa for the past 6 years now since I moved to the Raleigh area and have come to consider her one of my most trusted hair stylists. She is very knowledgeable about natural hair care and is gentle on your hair. While her prices aren't the lowest, I'm willing to pay more as I consider the value she offers to be top-notch and my hair looks and feels great coming out of her salon each time. I also appreciate that Lisa offers products that are readily available for purchase. These are the same exact products she used for her services and are considered professional line hair products, extra bonus there! Also, the one on one experience is another bonus. I highly recommend Lisa for your hair care needs.

Getting my hair done with Lisa felt more like catching up with an old friend… Even though we’ve never met before. From the questions she asked to the tips that she gives, you can tell that the health of the hair is a priority for her. She listened to my hair goals and answered all my questions.

Love the customer service and the kindness of the natural stylist. She is remarkable and treat her clients with utmost respect