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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for........

A: Click on the Book  Online tab and all our prices are listed on site. If you don't see what you are requesting that means we don't offer it. 


Q: Do you do individual box braids or faux locs?

A: No we do not offer those services. We are offer natural hair styling & treatments. 

Q:Can I call you to discuss my hair or send you pictures of my hair?

A: In order to give you the right solution, its best to book a consultation. We offer in person consultations & virtual consultations. 

Q: What products would you recommend for my hair type?

A: To recommend products we will need to see your hair. You can book a consultation so we can personalize the right products for your hair needs.

Q: Can I call you or DM you to book an appointment or is online booking the only way?

A: Online booking is the only & best way to book with us. You can make appointments 24/7.

Q: I need to cancel last minute, will I lose my deposit?

A: Unfortunately, you will lose your deposit. We understand situations will change but the slot was held just for you



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